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Dustless grinding

Over the years, JK floorheating installed in-ground Low Temperature Heating (LTH) systems in almost every type of floor construction there is. With this level of experience we are comfortable referring to ourselves as experts in this field – experts who are happy to help. A house generally has a screed or floating screed which is made of sand-cement or a cast floor in which calcium sulphate (anhydrite) is used as a binder. These screeds are plainly suitable to install the in-ground underfloor heating system. Besides this conventional floor constructions are concrete and dry-construction floor constructions also suitable for in-ground underfloor heating systems.

Timber subfloor

In cooperation with leading companies, we have developed dry construction floor systems for the renovation market, such as gypsum-based panels, XPS and Sandwich panels. All of the systems we install are quality approved by accredited laboratories. The dry-construction panels can be laid upon a timber subfloor where the in-ground underfloor systems can installed in. The acoustic and insulation characteristics of such panels are additional benefits of using this solution on your timber subfloor.

In all types of subfloors

- Screed (cement / anhydrite)
- Floating screed (cement / anhydrite)
- Gypsum-based panels
- XPS panels
- Sandwich panels
- Concrete
- Existing tiles


The demands on modern building materials are increasing and becoming more and more diverse. The market is dominated by fast, high-quality solutions that meet or even exceed all current safety regulations and energy efficiency requirements. Construction work needs to be completed effi.ciently in short time frames, without unnecessarily long drying times and without creating too much dirt. These requirements are met by using easy-to-handle products and time-saving processes and installation techniques. Fermacell is a universa! material which can be used as a straightforward building board, for fire protection purposes and in rooms where resistance to moisture is required. Fermacell outperforms traditional dry-lining where other systems need multiple layers and separated studs to achieve similar impact, acoustic and ratings.

Renovation and heating solution
Fermacell gypsum fi.bre boards have been developed to the highest standards of German engineering. The boards have a simple homogeneous composition - recycled gypsum, cellulose fi.bres from post-consumer waste paper, water and no added chemicals. Fermacell boards are fi.bre-reinforced throughout and are therefore extremely resilient and have particularly good properties.

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Dry, fast and simple!
Fermacell gypsum flooring systems are designed for use as floating floors in a wide variety of applications. They are manufactured using the same technology as the high-performance Fermacell gypsum fi.breboards. Fermacell flooring is supplied in the form of two layers of 12.5 [mm], with a 50 [mm] overlap (shiplap). The overlap gives a wide fi.xing edge around the perimeter for easy jointing. The Fermacell boards are routed on site and the JK Flextube is then laid into the routed grooves. The JK Flextube is an oxygen-proof Poly-Ethylene or Raised Temperature resistant (PE-RT) pipe that complies with the German DIN 4726/4721, KIWA KOMO and the BRL 5602 standards for use in underfloor heating/cooling systems.

ALL-in one solution
The combination of Fermacell flooring products and ]K’s UFH system results in a complete solution that incorporates high-quality gypsum-based dry flooring panels and an optimum and customised integrated eco-friendly, low-temperature heating system. ‘The dry-construction panels are routed on site’ Minimal floor elevation, thermal improvement, acoustic reduction potential and fully customised UFH floor plans with total flexibility regarding manifold positions and zones makes the Fermacell & JK

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solution unique, cost effective, sustainable and very efficient. Key features of Fermacell’s flooring system are improvements in airborne and impact sound and thermal performance. The system is also resistant to fire, rot and vermin, it’s ideal for uneven floors and it’s easy to install. Key features of JK’s in-ground UFH system are health and safety benefits, eco-friendliness, comfortable, practical and aesthetic. An additional benefit is that the UFH system is installed by fullytrainedJK engineers.

Benefits at a glance!
• Thermal performance
• Improved sound insulation
• Resistant to fire, rot and vermin
• Easy and simple installation and usage within 24 hours
• High point laad
• Handy size 1500 x 500 [mm]
• Suitable for a wide range of floor coverings
• Chair roll resistance
• Ecologically tested

JK in-ground UFH key features
• Fast heat response time
• Better levels of humidity
• Reduces dust circulation
• More space due to absence of radiators
• Eco-friendly due to low temperature heating
• Comfortable heating
• Hygienic, no cleaning around radiators
• Installed by trained JK engineers

Subfloor Types