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Underfloor Heating System

JK floorheating has developed a revolutionary method for installing a Low Temperature Heating (LTH) system in existing floor constructions. Using a specially-developed and patented JK Floorgrinder a tightly routed groove is created into which the underfloor heating pipes are laid. Since the JK grinding method uses a specially constructed industrial diamond grinding disc it can be applied to 99% of all subfloor constructions, making it unnecessary to remove or raise the existing screed with this method. Furthermore, it is also possible to install the JK underfloor heating system into different floor levels, or timber subfloors, where dry-construction panels such as gypsum are already in place. Cutting these dry-construction panels with a minimal thickness of 20mm give some particular advantages as there is no installation plan required with respect to the heating circuits, moreover expensive pre-grinded floor panels are also not needed by using the grinding technique on site which is beneficial for both; a quick installation and a the overall design is much cheaper. Further information about other possible dry-screed constructions is available on request.

Installation: Quick and simple

The underfloor heating systems of JK are quick, easy and very economical to install. The installation is dust free due to the integrated industrial vacuum cleaner. The delivery and installation of the underfloor heating systems ready for connection to a convenient wireless individual room control in apartments or single-family homes are usually done in just one day. Another benefit of in-ground underfloor heating system is that it’s more comfortable and more efficient to use because the heating pipes are located directly under the floor finisher. Due to this system characteristic, the floor warms up more quickly and can be controlled more accurately compared to traditional systems. After installation of the underfloor heating system, the floor can be primed and the floor finish of tile, vinyl or carpet can be directly applied.

Quality and Expertise

JK underfloor heating stands for quality – quality that has been verified by accredited European laboratories. We are the only European manufacturer to hold DIN CERTO certification for in-ground underfloor heating systems. JK’s in-ground underfloor heating systems have been tested and approved by various independent laboratories. They have been awarded several certificates for both the materials used and the method of installation. Among the evaluations that have been carried out are: DIN CERTCO, Berlin; DIN EN 1264-2 technical heating issues for underfloor heating systems and 4725-200 Kiwa Bautest, Augsburg; DIN 18560 Compressive Strength Testing, and the implementation of various pressure testing with various finishes.

JK floorheating works exclusively with the best materials. The underfloor heating pipe – the JK Flextube - is a basis for the in-ground underfloor heating system. We deliver and install an oxygen-proof Poly-Ethylene for Raised Temperature resistant (PE-RT) tube in accordance to the DIN standards. The underfloor heating pipe is made up of five layers, in which the oxygen-proof layer of ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH) is applied as a barrier between two polyethylene layers. The tube meets the German DIN 4726/4721 standards and the KIWA KOMO norm for BRL 5602 application of underfloor heating/cooling systems. Also the invariably noticeable stainless steel and high-quality equipped manifolds ensure that you never meet major problems in your property.