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Semi Detached - Stanmore – London

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This very well presented semi-detached house is located in Stanmore, which is a suburban residential district of northwest London in the London Borough of Harrow. POQ architects has taken this project on by re-designing the property, by creating an open plan living and lounge area, spacious rooms and home improving by double glazing, roofing and flooring. Overall a well though through renovation project, which makes it a very modern family home. The entire ground floor is fitted with a water underfloor heating system of JK. The pipes are embedded into the existing screed floor, connected to a 9 loop JK Ultra stainless steel manifold. JK in-ground UFH system is divided into 5 separate controllable zones, which makes it even more efficient and comfortable.

‘Since ceiling height was an issue, JK’s system (with no build-up) was the unique solution.’